Who am I …and what’s a nice person like you doing reading this blog?

First of all, if you came here looking for Douglas Gordon, the young Glasgow artist that was born in 1966; sorry,you’re not going to find him here.

I’m an older Scottish/Canadian artist who was born in Canada and raised in Scotland; I graduated from Bearsden Primary and Dunrobin Castle. I now live in Oklahoma with my wife, our two cats and our four dogs.

My style of art is always evolving as I learn and experiment more with the different mediums and methods of creating art. They are most definitely in the abstract category and I tend  to use bold colours and involve lots of movement in the majority of my art. My art is created with the same passion that I have for life and Mother Nature. Sometimes it is inspired by music, sometimes by words, sometimes by people I have met in my life or situations I have experienced, and sometimes my inspiration comes completely from far out in the left field. Regardless of where it comes from, I pour my heart and soul into creating my art for you to enjoy and identify with.

Before I started creating art in 2010 I was an amateur photographer and a semi-amateur writer (one that sometimes got paid for his words).

I am a character and most of the time I can be quite pleasant and humorous. My initial character was developed from my scottish childhood, attending a semi-posh boarding school, living and working in scottish hotels, restaurants and factories. In 1977, I returned to Canada with my first wife, an english lass, and I continued to develop my character and gain more life experiences. I lived in Toronto for 13 years before heading west to the beauty of Vancouver and British Columbia.

In 1999, I fell in Love with my wife, Holly, and her two children. Having being single for a few years it was alright for me to do that. I moved down to Oklahoma to be with her and we got married in March 2000. After honeymooning in Scotland we returned to Shawnee Oklahoma where she and her two children, Ryan and Abbi, started to raise me and help make me the man I am today; a lot more mellow, settled and community orientated but still possessing my quick wit. my wicked sense of humour and my occasional periods of orneriness.

Now that you know a little bit more about me it’s my turn to ask you what you are doing reading this blog? Why, oh why would you do such a thing like that? Whatever your reason is, I hope that you will come back and read more as the weeks, months and years move on.

You can see my art on my website,  my facebook page, my art page on facebook. You can also find some of my art available as leggings, capris and other wearables.

Wishing you the Best Always!!!

totally immersed in creation
totally immersed in creation

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