Plug Not included…or is it?

Once upon a time, everything came complete and ready to use…

and it wasn’t that long ago.

Does anybody remember the good old days when you would buy a printer, scanner, software or computer and you would get everything you need with it. With a printer or scanner you would open the box and you would see USB cables, ethernet cables and instruction manuals all waiting for you to set everything up and see how to use your new toy to its fullest potential.

Well these days are gone my friend and it’s all the fault of accountants.

These folks have figured out a way to save their companies thousands of dollars each year, and transfer their savings in to your financial liabilities, by advising their bosses to no longer include the little extras.

A USB cable will cost you between five and ten dollars on Amazon, an ethernet cable will cost about the same if you choose to go hardwired instead of Wi-Fi. The user guide/owner’s manual is still there…as a printable pdf, on the software installation disc.

I recently bought myself an Epson WF-7610 all-in-one printer,scanner fax machine; the pdf manual is 333 full colour pages. That is almost a full set of cartridges  and a ream of paper to print it up so that I can know how to use my new toy that was supposed to save me money. Amazon’s prices for the cartridges are almost $40 and a ream of paper is about $7.00. That’s a total of almost $70, in expenses, that I now need to incur and the printer isn’t really any cheaper than it was a few years ago.

I shouldn’t complain though as they really are helping me learn through their frugality. I’m learning that I should not expect to get everything handed to me on a plate and  that it is also my responsibility to use the resources available to me to learn about the product.

Thank You Epson for your tuition and your encouragement to keep investing in your company by buying your brand of paper and your ink. I will be eternally grateful.


‘Not A Snowball’s Chance in Hell’

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