Sometimes to move forward you have to be willing to knock down walls of fear.

miles2go2Have you ever felt stuck in a rut; turning in  never-ending circles and unable to climb over the wall to get to the other side where you could freely be yourself and move forward?

What have you done about it? Have you mentally wrapped yourself in barbed wire and then just stood there and complained about how useless and futile your life is. That worked, didn’t it? It really got you moving ahead”

Yeah right!!!

Sometimes, we let our fear of the unknown aka ‘the future’ imprison us and keep us stuck in the rut with the feelings of despair and hatred. After-all these feelings are familiar and we know how to deal with them. That’s much easier than trying to figure out new situations and problems that MIGHT occur in the future.

I would be telling a lie if I tried to claim that I had never let my fears of the unknown immobilize me; especially when it came to my art career and life.

These feelings may have helped me create some good art and provided fodder for writers of plays, novels, poetry and gossip-mongers; it has come time that those emotions and their buddies were traded in for some more positive vibes and inspiration.

I am pleased to tell you that I have started to do that. Instead of just constantly complaining that I can’t seem to move my art in this small town or state I have started to seek art venues and experiences in other parts of America and the world.

In the past two months I have started to apply for shows in California and elsewhere, and even for a one month ‘Artist Residency’ in Alaska.

To date I have had one negative reaction to my requests. However, instead of dwelling on the ‘not this time’ I turned around and asked for feedback. I then used that feedback to be the base ingredient for my application to Alaska. I submitted my application last weekend, despite mini fears of rejection, and now I wait, until mid-November for their response.

If I am not fortunate enough to be invited to partake in the residency I am not going to let that stop me from continuing forward; I will ask for feedback on my application and I will use what I learn to craft future applications and I will try again next year.

As part of my newfound freedom from my fears I am also continuing to try and get my art out there in an affordable way for everybody. I am sublimating some of my art onto mother of pearl pendants and glass coasters.


Art should be affordable and enjoyed by all.

My pendants and coasters will soon be on my website and in select stores as well as on facebook. They will make perfect gifts and they come with their own little giftbox.


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